December 31

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The leaders of Russia and Ukraine confronted each other and shouted across the air, each opening conditions for dialogueFormer Luneng foreign aid Cisse died in a car accident while playing for the teamJiangsu Yancheng explosion has killed 47, Xi Jinping gave instructionsIn addition to the British army who burned the Old Summer Palace, there were also these "house thieves"

The five-year bet finally came to an end! Dong Mingzhu won Lei Jun, can he win the future?

Deng Dayuan, former deputy director of the National People's Congress of Zhangjiajie, Hunan, was tried: involved in bribery of 1.31 millionI prefer to lie down and win rather than narrowly win Chevrolet Cruze's four-fold gift

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Ma Ying-jeou holds a forum, Guo Taiming and South Korea Yu will confront for the first time on the same stage tomorrow

Afraid of aging? "Youth factor" to understand"Anno 1800" review: meet the baptism of the industrial age

Yuan Lisun's "family of three" group photo is suspected to be upgraded to become a mother? She only replied with 3 words...Ma Long, we have been waiting for you for more than half a century!Yayoi Kusama's "Ongoing Time" "Customized" for Shanghai

Harden: I just want to get a fair penalty2019 "Land Rover Defender" spy leaked, the new car may be officially launched in September!

How to identify old and new ancient jade Only by looking at the husk can you get started!

Mad cow rampage injured 2 people, police shot dead

Breaking: Indonesia decides to move its capital!

Premier League-Mata's dilapidated owner De Gea gives a gift, Manchester United draws Chelsea at home

Chengdu state-owned enterprise's 600 million yuan stake in Hammer was investigated? Official: The news is seriously false

It turns out that gym friends can be so high! This weight loss hilarious drama is set