Foreign media: Indonesian President Joko has decided to move the capital to Java

VIP6.9 Kamakura Monogatari reasoning writer staged Finding Wife and Catching Monsters Guests: Masato Sakai, Mitsuki Takahata, Shinichi Tsutsumi

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Nicky Wu announces good news on Weibo: mother and child are safe
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China Telecom's net profit in the first quarter was 5.956 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 4.5%

Qian Yin'an, former member of the Standing Committee of the Shaanxi Provincial Party Committee, was double fired: repeatedly refused to accept rescue from the party organization

A Policeman Helped a Girl Hire a Taxi Late at Night, and the Chat Records Are Exploding (Photos)

The heavy rain caused the road surface to collapse into a large pit, and an electric car accidentally fell into it

Mad cow rampage injured 2 people, police shot dead

Hawaii's "Stairway to Heaven": It's so thrilling that it was closed by the government because it was too dangerous!

Wu Xieyu's friend: He always uses a pseudonym when chasing girls and wants to be a "little three"

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Jia Nailiang, Wang Yuan, and Yang Chaoyue went to the park together, revealing half of their faces, and they had a tacit understanding with each other

The adventure ATLAS cancels the empire mode

Hainan's fake cervical cancer vaccine harmed the vaccinators, the hospital was "heavily" fined 8,000 yuan

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Ni Ni reaches new heights with her golden dress

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"Star Lord" and Schwarzenegger's daughter held a pre-wedding party, and the prospective father-in-law attended the party with a smile on his faceBill Gates: Will close foundation 20 years after deathThe Russian warships participating in the Sino-Russian joint military exercise arrive in Qingdao
Durant scored 35 points, Warriors narrowly beat 1-0, Harden scored 35 points, Paul was expelledBefore the investigation of the female station director with corrupt family traditions, Jiangxi Radio and Television had many people successively sackedAre first impressions important in dating? "Preconceptions" may make you miss a good matchNearly 25 million housing units in rural areas are vacant, with the highest vacancy rate in the east

Fan Bingbing responds to black fan attack

The five-year bet finally came to an end! Dong Mingzhu won Lei Jun, can he win the future?

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Luo Yonghao announced the listing of Ono e-cigarettes: former employee development, hammer design

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Women's doubles champion Manyu Sun Yingsha wins World Table Tennis Championships
Lin Chiling's plaid shirt is refreshing

American man killed by his own big bird, his 100 amazing animals will be...

Taiwanese couple built a 106-square-meter natural home for their children, where they can graffiti and playTwo U.S. warships passed the Taiwan Strait on the 28th. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs: Has expressed concern to the U.S.

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Ships collided, guns were shouted, Vietnam and Indonesia clashed in the South China Sea!

The Expo starts today! Nine pictures teach you to identify common flowersWho is the Terminator of the Tang Dynasty: Zhu Wen, a hero in troubled times

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The new national football team officially assembled in Guangzhou on June 3. It is no secret that Lippi will return to coaching

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French warship crossed the Taiwan Strait into China's territorial waters Zhang Zhaozhong: Just to please the United States

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